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MEF students in Belize                                              photo by Armando Alfonso

MEF Students in Belize                              Photo by Armando Alfonso

Monday January 22

 Cancer Vaccine

Between Cuba and Buffalo

Canisius College Science Hall

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Kelvin Lee, MD, Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Program at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, on his vaccine work with the Centro de Immunologia Molecular in Havana, and how science and medicine can work across national barriers.

          "It has been a very interesting journey!

Monday February 26

 Puerto Rico

Relief Efforts & Future Recovery

Canisius College Science Hall

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Nadia Pizarro and Jose Pizarro, Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief Fund • local groups stepped up when the federal government failed to take effective action. Hear the stories of families brought to Buffalo and other relief efforts.

Monday March 26

St. Joseph's Immigration and Refugee Committee,  Justice for Migrant Families ,

and the Immigrant & Refugee Justice Task Force

of WNY Peace Center.


Protecting Immigrants in Unstable Times

Canisius College Science Hall

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Monday April 23

 Furthering Educational Choices for Mayas in Chiapas and Belize

Canisius College Science Hall

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Christine Eber & Laura  McClusky

will discuss the efforts of educated Mayas in Belize and Chiapas to create educational opportunities for Maya children and youth and the many obstacles to schooling, such as finances and racism. Laura will focus on Belize, Christine on Chiapas. They will also provide an historical perspective on education, Laura by comparing experiences of students in Belize with those of their teachers and mentors; Christine by reading excerpts from her forthcoming novel about women in Chiapas, When a Woman Rises.  Both are anthropologists and current and past board members of the Maya Educational Foundation (MEF) which provides scholarship support to programs in Belize, Chiapas, and Guatemala.